Published Work

Relevant videos, articles and other projects by Meredith Derby Berg

January 2017, video: ImEx Cargo | I created a short video for client ImEx Cargo showcasing the cargo sales agent’s depth of knowledge with 25 years in the international shipping industry. The video also plays on the company’s homepage.


October 2016, video: The Cruiser of Hope  |  I made this video for the Methuen Police Department to highlight its pink cruiser named “Hope,” which helps engage the community in breast cancer awareness and support.


October 2016, video: A Formidable Bond  |  This short doc shows how one Massachusetts native maintained a bond with her young daughter thanks to an addiction recovery program that operated as an alternative to incarceration for her and allowed monthly visits.



July 2016, video: ABDC North End West End ESOL Graduation 2016  |  I helped a Boston nonprofit called Action Boston for Community Development edit its event footage this summer. Here, a group of ESOL students graduated from one of the company’s local family service centers in the North End. ABCD is an anti-poverty and community development organization. Find more videos I edited in the “liked” section of my YouTube page.


May 2016, video: Treatment Ready  |  This visual story is an accumulation of nearly two years of research and reporting about alternatives to incarceration options for women in Massachusetts. Former heroin addict Kerry Sullivan found solace in a Massachusetts recovery home for women, where she was allowed to live with her infant son instead of going back to jail for a probation violation. I am at work on parts two and three of a larger project.


March 24, 2016, video: No parking on bridge  |  This is a creative video I made for my Sound + Image course at Northeastern University, where the music was provided and I captured original images with a Canon 70D camera.


March 9, 2016, articleIn a web project on prisons, saving video for last,   I wrote this piece as a reaction to a wonderful microsite created by PBS about three journeys through incarceration.


January 19, 2016, article and photosMassachusetts Mobilizes to Treat Addicted Moms, The Marshall Project  |  This article is the culmination of a year’s worth of my own research on how Massachusetts and the nation now treat mothers who are addicts and who are often chronically involved in the criminal justice system.


January 19, 2016, article and photosThis state figured out that addicted moms need treatment not jail, Fusion  |  This is the same article as above, published in collaboration with The Marshall Project.


December 2015, video: The man that I loved  |  I created this video piece as the final project for my Video Basics course at Northeastern University. Lois is a woman I’d met via my incarceration alternatives research and reporting, and I felt compelled to document a moment in time of her troubled life. This is the story of how Lois nearly died at the hands of an abusive boyfriend. She is the same woman from my Chronicles of recovery post #1.


November 2015, video: Cedric Douglas & UP Truck  |  I collaborated with three other students to create this fun video about a Dorchester, Mass. native who seeks to change how people and communities interact with public art.


November 2015, video: Carsumption  |  A fun take on America’s obsession with cars, big and fancy, small and basic. I made this remix video with found footage and edited it together for my Video Basics course at Northeastern.


October 2015, slideshow: The women of jail alternatives  |  This audio slideshow presents a collection of some of the women I met while reporting and researching alternatives to incarceration in Massachusetts. This is the subject I spent most of my energy with while getting my master’s degree in media innovation at Northeastern University.


May 2015, short film: release reframe  |  I’d met the subject of my film, Roberta Richman, as I researched a piece for The Boston Globe Magazine. I knew I had to document the positive impact Richman had on changing how incarcerated women were treated in Rhode Island. I created this short film for my Topics in Documentary Production course at Northeastern University.


December 9, 2014, articleAlternative to incarceration programs provide benefits but face funding hurdles  |  I wrote this piece as the final article for a digital journalism course at Northeastern University.


December 2014,  |  I designed and coded from scratch this website for a media arts class at Northeastern University. Its content is based on a book called “Birth: The Surprising History of How We are Born.”


April 18, 2014, article: Pregnant Prisoners are Losing Their Shackles The Boston Globe Magazine  |  I researched and wrote this piece after learning that some women have to give birth while incarcerated, and I was fascinated to discover that birth doulas specifically train and volunteer to help them.


Meredith Derby Berg is a recovering business journalist who has spent the last three years filming, photographing, researching and writing about local women whose lives are unfolding at the intersection of addiction and incarceration. Read more clips and learn more about Meredith at Muck Rack.


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