MDB Productions launch

A little while back, in November, I launched my small video production business, MDB Productions which is what I’m most focused on now. I produce a mix of journalistic and marketing style videos. Find my business on Facebook as well.

I’ve created videos about the Methuen Police Department, an international shipping company, and a local doggie daycare. I’m still keeping journalism a priority and recently produced a video and article for The Washington Post and posted a piece on Medium in collaboration with a colleague. I’m keeping in touch with people I’ve covered in the past, notably regarding alternatives to incarceration, and I hope to update those stories in the future.

Please view the MDB Productions reel and some of my other work below:


>>With my colleague, Steve Daly, we created an article, photo and video package about Gaetan Demers, who is among a dying breed of craftsmen slowly falling under the crushing wheels of technology:


>>As part of the work I’ve done for the Immigrant Learning Center, this is a video I produced about Yessy Feliz, who in 2012 opened a small business for boarding dogs in Jamaica Plain. Less than five years later, her business employs more than 22 people:


>>This short-form doc shows how one woman maintained a bond with her young daughter thanks to an addiction recovery program that allowed monthly family visits:


Want more? Here’s my YouTube channel with lots more past work. Many of my “liked” videos are pieces I produced while working as a video editor for Action for Boston Community Development.


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