Gloucester providing addicts help, instead of arrest

Nice to see that Gloucester, Massachusetts is seeing some good results from its Angel Program the police chief announced back in May to offer help to addicts rather than arrest them, something I covered a bit here. People will be allowed to go to detox rather than jail if they come to the police station and ask for it.

From a recent Boston Globe story which says that 36 addicts have taken advantage of the program since June 1:

The chief decided it was time to stop arresting addicts and start helping them. “We can’t arrest our way out of this problem,” said Campanello, a former Saugus cop who was named chief almost three years ago. “The war on drugs from the supply side is over, and we lost, and the police can be part of the conversation on the demand side.

“In Gloucester, with the heroin epidemic, the best way that we can reflect the community’s needs is by offering a program like this.”

Further reading: The Atlantic has covered this story here, while The Guardian covered it as well.


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