An eye-opening sentencing transcript via TMP

This transcript provided by The Marshall Project shows how some attorneys do get it when it comes to attempting to keep family bonds intact even when potential separation from incarceration is expected.

Bobby Cain plead guilty to robbery, and this is the transcript from his sentencing hearing. His attorney fights for a shorter sentence for a person who has had a difficult childhood and who recently became a father. She argues for him to have a slight chance of staying in his child’s life and maybe diverting the family incarceration cycle that clearly affected his own life.

It’s a little difficult to pull out chunks from the transcript but I urge you to read it and take in the perspective of what it’s like to grow up in an unstable family life.

The attorney, Sarah Baumgartel, tells the judge, Colleen McMahon:

I think we can agree that for a 20-year-old, he has had a particularly dramatic and difficult experience. I’m not saying there is anything OK about what he has done, but what do we to now as a society to respond to it in a positive way?


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