Treatment for prostitutes instead of jail in Worcester, Mass.

Worcester Magazine had a report out earlier this week about a prostitution sting in Worcester, Mass. on May 11. But instead of arresting the people, they were offered treatment at medical or mental health facilities. The program was sponsored by the Worcester Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation.

Meanwhile, six men and two women were still charged. One of the women declined treatment.

A recurring theme I keep hearing in my own reporting about incarceration alternatives is that many people would rather do jail time than consider an alternative to jail or prison. It’s hard to face the issues one might have in life, my sources say. Jail is “easier” to complete. This is an issue I plan to address in my project, which I hope to have completed by year end.


2 thoughts on “Treatment for prostitutes instead of jail in Worcester, Mass.

  1. Huh. Jail being “easier” to do time and get out is really… really awkward to have become such a regular and interwoven reality within the red-light districts. So many different issues are twined twixt each as well… poverty being a large string.

    Although “treatment” sounds like a great idea–but what does “treatment” ensue?
    It sounds really, really creepy. Like some re-assimilation of societal hive-conscious weird.


  2. Usually, treatment refers to helping ease mental health and substance abuse issues….these are the underlying issues why one, perhaps, pursues prostitution—for money for the next fix. As you mentioned, poverty. Also, some prostitutes may need help treating STD’s like HIV.


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