Short film: release reframe

I’m pleased to present a short film I made this spring about a prison warden who recently retired. As you might imagine, the transition away from a full-time career was a bit of a challenge for someone with such a high-profile position. This a notable topic because as we live longer lives, people do struggle with when to retire and how to settle into, as my subject says, “a much less directed life.”

Roberta Richman is a former women’s warden for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections who retired in 2012 after 33 years with the DOC. She’s been credited with helping change for the better the treatment of incarcerated women—as people, not numbers.

Richman never trained in corrections and began at the prison as a volunteer. Instead, her formal training is in a form of artwork called etching.

After such a long and high profile career, Richman had difficulty adjusting to her life as a retiree. She ultimately found a way to continue helping people.

This is her story.

Featured image: The exterior of the Women’s Facility at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections in Cranston, R.I. Photo by Meredith Derby Berg


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