Prison is pain for all connected

File this one under “It seems so obvious once actually acknowledged”—when a family member goes to jail, the whole family suffers. But a program available in Vermont aids children of incarcerated people and also helps those previously incarcerated with re-entry. It’s called the Lamoille Valley Community Justice Program and was initially reported by The Stowe Reporter.

Services include medical and mental health care, academic support to housing, food and transportation help. The program focuses health and wellness, school success, community connections, and home environment,

From The Stowe Reporter piece:

Connecting to the community is especially important when a parent is released from prison. Having personal ties and a support network helps reduce chances that the parent will go back to jail.

But parents who’ve been in prison might have trouble trusting people, or they may not have the money and transportation needed for their children’s extracurricular activities.

The article has more details but says the program is working, citing that 95 percent of children in the program during 2014 did not get into legal trouble versus 24 to 61 percent in studies of other juveniles with incarcerated parents.


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