Senator proposes alternatives for pregnant and postpartum inmates

Here’s another piece of important legislation, this one coming out of New Mexico. Senator Lisa Torraco has proposed a bill called The Expectant and Postpartum Prisoners Act that would allow women who are pregnant or lactating to be granted furloughs and to accommodate women who are breastfeeding while incarcerated so they are allowed to pump beast milk.

From the bill: “A presumption shall be made in favor of release for a woman who is pregnant or lactating, unless there is good cause to keep the woman in a correctional setting.”

And: “A woman who is due to give birth shall be released on alternative monitoring or granted furlough, if she desires it, from incarceration in a prison or jail prior to the presumptive birth date of her child and after the birth of her
child, unless a finding is made in court that the well-being of the woman or her child would not be best served outside of a
correctional setting.”

A report here from KNUM details more of the bill.


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