Positive changes for pregnant inmates

Two stories caught my eye lately dealing with positive changes in treatment for pregnant incarcerated women. In Minnesota, “A legislative advisory committee will present an amended bill to the Legislature this session that aims to raise the standard of care provided to incarcerated pregnant women. The measure would clarify language of a similar law passed last spring aiming to ensure incarcerated pregnant women receive the same standard of care that they would get outside of jail or prison,” according to Minnesota Daily.

And in Newark, N.J., State Correction Commissioner Robert Coupe created New Expectations, which is a group home in Newark for pregnant, drug-addicted offenders as an alternative to detention, reports the Newark Post.

According to the piece: “The Newark house has room for 17 women and their children. Instead of jail, a judge can sentence a woman to New Expectations during the pregnancy and up to six months after the birth of child. Offenders may also voluntarily live in the home if they qualify.”


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