The Marshall Project launches

A new nonprofit devoted to covering the criminal justice system called The Marshall Project finally launched this past weekend, and it looks great. It is headed by former New York Times editor, reporter and writer, Bill Keller. The site also offers a daily newsletter that I received this morning and is chock full of good info.

The Marshall Project’s goals are to:

Raise public awareness around issues of criminal justice and the possibility for reform. But while we are nonpartisan, we are not neutral. Our hope is that by bringing transparency to the systemic problems that plague our courts and prisons, we can help stimulate a national conversation about how best to reform our system of crime and punishment.

On the freshly launched site, there are several longer features to read. Interestingly, one is written by a man serving 28 years to life in Attica and it’s about another man serving time at the well-known prison while battling colon cancer. Another very interesting Q&A is posted with outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Marshall Project also looks at data points like these in a nicely designed format. For example, more than 3.9 million adults in the U.S. were on parole in 2013, while 300 people committed suicide in jail in 2012.

I’m excited to read more of the investigative reporting coming out of The Marshall Project. Follow the site on Twitter @MarshallProj.


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