In Transit: The Prison Buses

It’s not something one considers, perhaps, not if prison isn’t a part of daily life, or the life of another close by. A certain sub-sect of the prison and jail population, the families who want to visit incarcerated loved ones, may be without their own cars but are tasked with getting to visiting times at prisons that may be located hours away.

As a result, private bus lines serve an important purpose, photographer and documentarian Jacobia Dahm found and made into a photography presentation she calls “In Transit.” She documented about three months worth of travel to and from prisons, and the photos, particularly of Attica in New York, are captivating. Dahm made her work into a compelling short film as well. This is certainly a must-see.

The New York Times’ Lens blog has an interview with Dahm:

“The bus is almost like a secondary imprisonment,” said Ms. Dahm, 42. “You won’t be riding it forever, but you will be for a long time.”

Later in the Lens piece:

“It’s amazing to see people trying to keep family life and intimacy going against all odds,” said Ms. Dahm, who said her project gave her an understanding of deep injustices she did not realize existed. “At least half the people they visit are in prison for a ridiculous amount of time,” she said. “No one is being helped, and a lot of people are being hurt.”


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