It’s final project time, already

I plan to pursue a final story package for my digital journalism course at Northeastern University detailing why programs that keep women and their children together either in lieu of jail time or before or after jail/prison are so important and hopefully becoming more predominant. The package, which will include a written article, a video and a photo story that I’ll post on this blog, will detail the pros, cons and general development of alternatives to incarceration or other programs that aim reduce recidivism for mothers.

This final project will focus on the experts who run such programs, experts who study them or those have an active interest in changing sentencing or the post-incarceration world for women and, subsequently, their children. The experts would talk about why these programs are necessary and how they’ve helped people.

Also likely included will be a discussion of the larger over-incarceration theme prevalent in the U.S., particularly as it relates to drug offense sentencing. Funding of such mother-child or ATI programs could also be discussed.

I see this package, which should be completed in about a month, as a preamble to what I hope to achieve for my long graduate thesis project, which is due in about a year.


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