Holder pushes alternatives to incarceration


Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder is making strides to promote alternatives to incarceration, saying last week in New York that people who have the chance to complete ATI programs are often less likely to recidivate, or return to jail. Holder visited a federal courthouse in Brooklyn, where programs offer counseling and supervision rather than prison time for federal defendants.

The article notes that ATIs are not widely used at the federal level, though they have traction in some states.

From the Times piece:

“People who are convicted of crimes too often get trapped” in a circle of incarceration and further crime, he said. “We will never, as a nation, be able to incarcerate our way to better outcomes, a stronger nation or a brighter future. Instead, we need to make smart choices” that will help people stay out of courts and prisons, he said.

Photo by United States Department of Justice [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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