The streets, manhood and incarceration

This IndyStar article highlights the struggle single mothers can face to raise their children while steering them away from the vicious tide of street violence and, ultimately, incarceration. This is a great read to begin understanding how and why the allure of “street culture” can prevail over young men and often lands them in new homes at prison or jail.

From the piece:

The vulnerable ones, experts say, are women who are born into poverty and become mothers at a young age. In many cases, they may work multiple jobs to pay the bills, but while they put in the long hours, their sons are left unsupervised. Left to themselves, they turn to life on the streets. Gang members become role models. Violence is conflict resolution. A paycheck is earned through crime.

The article cites a study that says youths born to single mothers, and specifically those without fathers, have higher chances of incarceration. It also says that nationwide the number of households below the poverty line that only have a mother as the head of household stands at 30 percent.


Image by Snuvnia (Own work) CC-BY-SA-4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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