Twitter feeds to keep in mind

If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’m @mdberg_bu. I typically have a mixture of personal tweets about things I care about, such as incarceration, women’s and social issues, childbirth and journalism, in addition to some articles I’ve written. I also tend to retweet a lot of information regarding journalism, incarceration and criminal justice generally.

A few of my favorite recent tweets:


As for Twitter handles you might consider following as it pertains to incarceration and alternatives to incarceration, here’s a brief list of handles I find useful:

1. The Sentencing Project: This organization writes its own reports about the criminal justice system and often shares interesting tidbits.

For example, a recent tweet:

2. Maya Dukmasova: She is a journalist, formerly of the Chicago Tribune, who has covered housing issues. She wrote a great article in June for the Chicago Reader about the fight to preserve public housing.

3. Justice Policy: This group provides information about reducing the reliance on incarceration.

4. Human Rights Watch: HRW posts often about solitary confinement and other prison issues.

5. The Marshall Project: It hasn’t officially launched yet, but this nonprofit’s first piece about the relationship between an inmate and a prosecutor in Texas—and whether another man was executed for a crime he may or may not have committed—was riveting. The Marshall Project plans to cover America’s criminal justice system when it launches this fall.

6. Piper Kerman: She is the author of the famed memoir and Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Kerman tweets about incarceration issues, and she does a lot of public speaking, as you might imagine.

7. CA Prison Watch: This group watches and documents the treatment of prisoners in California, a state with some of the most notorious prisons and a high prison population.

8. WBUR CommonHealth: The crossover with incarceration may at times be minimal but CommonHealth covers important stories on health care and medical research.

9.  Pew Research Center: Pew releases reports on incarceration going along with its goals to report on “the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.”

10. The Crime Report: “All crime, all the time.” No further description necessary.



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